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Who We Are

Welcome. Regardless of your beliefs or your doubts, RUF is a place to explore Christianity and the radical declaration of God’s love. Our hope is for everyone to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and all that He has come to do. We’d love for you to join us as we seek to understand what it means to love God and our neighbor. We invite you, no matter where you are in the process, to RUF.

RUF Staff

Campus Minister: Chase Daws











Chase is a graduate of the University of Alabama-Huntsville and Westminster Theological Seminary. His wife, Holly, is a graduate of Auburn University and now works in marketing for a Nashville-based education company. Chase began work as the RUF campus minister of UC Berkeley in the summer of 2017. During their free time, Holly, Chase, and their little boy Gabe, enjoy exploring new cities, local food scenes, the outdoors, and front porches. Given a day off, Holly loves to cook and curate her food blog, while Chase roams around local waters fly fishing.

Email: chase.daws@ruf.org
Phone: 615-295-0097
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chase.stephenson

Intern: Julia Rushing

Julia is from Greenville, SC and graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2014. She loves the Berkeley culture – specifically biking, live music and good coffee!

Email: julia.rushing@ruf.org

Cell: 864-561-1239


Intern: Kevin Hollingshead

Kevin is from Sacramento, CA and graduated from UCLA in 2015. He is excited to be living in the Bay Area and is determined to find the best cup of coffee that Berkeley has to offer.

Email: kevin.hollingshead@ruf.org

Cell: 916-622-1642

What We Do

Large Group

You can expect vibrant worship, biblical teaching, and great community. This is a place to ask questions, explore the claims of Christianity, encounter Jesus, and grow in your understanding of the Gospel and its impact on all areas of life.

Small Groups

We recognize that the Christian life is far too difficult and counter-cultural to live out on our own and that we need meaningful relationships in order to work out the implications of the Gospel in our lives. That is why we offer weekly small groups, which provide an opportunity to build relationships, to study the bible or a relevant book with others, and to pray together.

Dinner Groups

What are Dinner Groups? Simple. Food + Community = Dinner Groups. The sole purpose is to gather and share a meal. Sometimes it’s dinner. Sometimes it’s lunch. It’s a way for us to enjoy one another. These groups are for anyone. We hope you will come, and feel welcomed and well fed.

Service Projects

We believe God cares about the world and wants to renew it. Because of that, we serve our local community to make that renewal known. We serve at a community breakfast at Christ Church Berkeley weekly and we do monthly service projects at shelters, schools, and on campus.

1-on-1 Meetings

At RUF, we are not just trying to create a big group. We are trying to cultivate a place where people feel known. We believe that people matter. If you want to talk or simply hang out, contact one of our staff. They would love to meet with you.

Events & Meetings

Weekly Meeting

When: Tuesday at 8pm

Where: First Pres Berkeley


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Upcoming Events

-First Large Group- FREE PIZZA! Aug. 22 // 8pm @ First Pres                                                                                                 -Kick Off BBQ Aug. 25 // 6-8pm @ Kroeber Plaza

View our full calendar here.


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